A robust IT platform providing patient centric Electronic Health Record management (EHR) and configurable workflow enabled practice management system.

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An effective patient centric robust IT platform for
small and medium sized clinics to centrally manage their complete operations.
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A gift for medical students to improve the overall health care protocols.
You can also become a contributor towards improving the application.
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Fully integrated with Dubai eClaims, submit eClaims in one click.
Be able to get the data from in a common format that is easy to validate. Improve the overall efficiency of the Insurance claims process. Unite shall help in providing information to enable a faster approval process.


Easy to navigate & record diagnosis. Templates aid in higher efficiency.


Access your health records from our secure Customer Health Portal.


Guided and structured interface that allows standardization in book keeping, billing and scheduling.


Improves the overall efficiency of the Insurance claims process [Integrated with eClaims


Enabling holistic treatment view entire patient history on the Ipad


Broad spectrum functionality helps the medical professionals as well as other staff in a medical facility.

UNITE helps in recording, organizing and making available all the medical data of a patient in order to enhance efficiency of medical visits and streamline the workflow for highly effective treatments.

With UNITE, Doctors are aware of the patient’s entire case history. This helps them in looking beyond the momentary symptoms and treat the patient in a holistic approach. Also, the simple yet detailed structure of the program enables doctors as well as medical professional to maintain the data in a proper & resourceful manner. Combining technology and the classical workflow in a medical facility beautifully,

Saves Time & Cost Enabling better diagnosis & trust


UNITE EHR helps doctors in running their practice efficiently by providing a robust & structured process. It eliminates the need to maintain and refer to paper records. It helps you to manage the clinic practice through workflow, proactive communication, task allocation and enables measurement of the activities executed by the workforce through self-governing metrics. This results in enhancing the overall customer satisfaction and enabling a happy workforce.

Health records @ finger tips Enables transparency & patient centric care


Access your health records from our secure Customer Health Portal. Have your diagnosis & prescription and vaccination data online through our encrypted platform. No headache of entering this data by yourselves as this is automatically fed through the Unite App that the Doctor users. Interact with your health care provider online. Be able to book your appointments through our portal.

Saves time & relieves pressure of filing patient records
Doing all tasks ontime, more time assisting the patient.


UNITE helps nurses in providing a seamless workflow which allows them to manage their tasks & perform with higher efficiency. Removing the transaction record maintenance from them enables them to provide a patient centric care & show empathy to the suffering patients. The periodic task reminders make the follow up, collecting samples & dispatching them for test results extremely easy. It gives them opportunity for a proactive communication with doctors as well as patients.

Enables to handle multiple patients queries
Easy to do billing, Easy to search for patient records info.

Front Desk

The front desk personnel are able to quickly handle multiple patients at the same time – as it is easy to locate information. Helps in handling the queries from the patients easily & improves the efficiency of the patient handling.

Reduces redundant work, comprehensive reporting
Less claims rejection, accurate billing.


The accounts maintenance for a medical facility is a tedious process. UNITE helps in streamlining accounts process, ensuring that there are no lost transactions and the information/ billing is accurate. More importantly, UNITE helps in automating the process of filing insurance claims with a better information transparency. UNITE provides with a universal invoice format, which standardizes the billing process which prevents revenue loss. It makes daily tallying of collection, and account maintenance much easier than before.

Increases data quality Easy to add more tests & also followup on external labs


Investigative diagnosis requires the clinics to keep adding tests. Unite is configurable & easy to setup. The workflow that is put in place enables the Lab technician to easily track the progress & enter the test results easily. The process enables the laboratory to also apply for JCA accreditation.

Minimal infrastructure with higher efficiency Easy and streamline access control


Unite helps administrators and admin process by providing a robust system, which is easy to setup & configure. It gives them complete control in the minimum infrastructure changes and it also provides complete backup for support purposes.