Easy Resto – Billing & Collections



On completion of an order, a Bill can be generated from the system or also from the remote device. This system has a number of billing options like splitting a bill or combining some bills. Provision is also provided to account the bills according to the payment type.


For the placed orders, which are in queue for billing, when the billing process is done , the payment mode screen will appear which has various option like cash, card, credit , voucher that could be selected according to the customers mode of payment.

Takeaway and Delivery Handling

Takeaways are accounted for when ordered from a remote location or in store. In case of a home delivery a comprehensive door delivery management screen is provided where the deliverers can be assigned with locale based groups.


Collections can be made once the bills are invoked for a customer. The Dashboard will display the cash pending indication and then clears the same once the payment is registered. A cash settlement screen is also provided for cash settlement at the end of the day.