Easy Resto – Food ordering


Create new orders and Select tables

The lists of tables are displayed in a layout from which the users may select the tables for which the orders need to be raised. This option comes with two different choices of screens for touch based users and keyboard preferring users.

Menu Selection and Food Choice Preference

Menu Items are categorized and displayed under subgroups and dine groups that help the users to browse for any item quickly. Also the items have an option for the user to give his choice like “less sugar”, “less spicy” or even write what the user wants specifically.

KOT Selection and Choice Updates

Dine orders from a table will raise a KOT in the Kitchen and any further orders for that table are ordered with a running KOT indicating the table, in order to speed up the food turnaround time.

Order Status updates and Order Fulfillment

The system displays the order status of the individual tables in the screen from where the management can have a look at details like the last order time for a table, the list of items ordered, and the cash collection status after the table is billed. Elaborate kitchen displays are also available with this software from where the food ordered list for the tables are displayed.