Easy Resto – Reports


Sales Reports

Sales report depicts the sales according to day-wise report, month-wise report, shift-wise statement. Product wise sales show the sales of the particular product for the day. We can also view according to the waiter-wise, captain-wise. Daily product report can also be viewed.

Collection and Closing Reports

Collection reports which provides the details regarding the cashier / Settlement collection details. Closing reports based on day-wise, month-wise and year-wise will be viewed.

Analytical Reports

Sales analytics can be observed from this report. It could be comparisons based on day-wise/week-wise/month-wise/year-wise which helps in understanding graphically

Inventory and Production Reports

Inside Inventory reports Stock in and Stock Out report details which gives the entire detail of all the available items that are available in a detailed way, which also provides detail of individual ledger details, pending document reports, No moving item reports